"What is the  Shoot & Share?"

     The Shoot & Share is something that that I've created, to fill a demand that I felt was needed in the photography industry.

     For $300 per hour, you will receive the SD card used to capture your event, including over 200+ photos per hour on average. 


I shoot with with my equipment and expertise & you get your precious memories immediately!  I retain no record of these images once they've been handed to you and you can do with your photos what you wish. They belong to you! ;) 


The best part about the S&S is you have the option to have any image you choose retouched!  At any time!  Simply place the selected files onto a flash drive and mail them to me.  I will edit them how you choose, or how I see fit and send them right back to you within 60 days! The cost is only $5.00 per image. Your first 10 images per hour are free!


**I strongly recommend NOT using any printing kiosk. It will diminish the quality of your investment and only cheapen the look of the photo.  Instead, please use MPIX.COM for all your printing needs!  They are the sister company to the shop I print from.  If you need my help, please let me know!  I am here for you no matter how long ago we've worked together! ;)


"What should we expect at our session?"

 You can always expect to have fun.... plus a few other things ;) 


 ~Although I snap, what seems like thousands of shots, you will only receive what is included in your session. (most of them are usually out-takes anyway)

~Payment  of remaining balance is due before session starts. If you do not or can not pay, you will forfeit your deposit and any images obtained until balance is paid. If you wish to prepay, you may do so with PAYPAL. Currently accepting  cash, money order or credit card on site. 

~If you approve of me using your images for advertisement purposes, you will be expected to sign a small document, at your session, stating such (this includes posting to facebook).

~You are the center of attention in your photos. Please consider this when getting ready for your session. (coordination of outfits to background scenery and each other is key to amazing photos. HINT: if your location is full of color, you may want to keep the outfits in the white color spectrum & visa versa) Also, the more coordination of colors between outfits, the better!

~If you have children that will not cooperate, I will do my best to capture the best shot! In the event that I can not obtain a great shot, I will supply you with what I have captured.  Please keep in mind it is not the photographer's fault if they can not obtain a perfect image of an uncooperative child.

Rescheduling is certainly an option.

~I am open to any and all ideas you may have! Please don't be afraid to speak up. After all, they are YOUR photos!


Thank you for booking your session with Amie Ayers Photography! I look forward to working with you! :)


"Will my pictures be used in your portfolio?"

Unless you specifically state that you do not wish to share your images, you will automatically* be showcased in my portfolio, as well as shared on AAP's facebook page.   As a thank you, you will receive an additional two months of your online gallery. Plus, you'll be semi semi famous! ;)


*this does not apply to the Shoot &  Share option.  You own your images... but I would certainly love to share them with the world!

"When can we expect our images?"

You will receive your images via downloadable JPEG file on your gallery page, within six weeks of session date.  If you prefer, you may elect to have your images sent to you, via USPS on a  flash drive.  Your image gallery will be available for viewing within five weeks of session date. You will receive notifications for both. 


If you've ordered prints, you will receive them within 15 business days of cleared payment.

"Do you offer a referral discount?"


For every client that books with AAP under your referral, you will receive $25.00 (cash or paypal)

"What form of payments do you accept?"

We accept Paypal, cash, check and credit card, processed through paypal.

"Why are there only 50 images maximum in our gallery?"

Images take up quite a bit of storage space.   To ensure that every one gets equal space, the image limit can not exceed 5o images per gallery.  Also, for the sake of variety, there is a 10 image minimum in each gallery. 

"What happens to my images when two months is up?"

If you have a flash drive, you already have these images.  

After two months, your gallery will be taken down.  If you so choose, you may extend your gallery another two months, for $20.00.

If you would like to purchase some images your gallery contained after it has expired, your gallery will go back up, free of charge for a total of three days, allowing you to choose the images you wish to purchase for download or print.

After a total of 60 days from your gallery expiration, your gallery will be permanently removed and unavailable for extension. 

"Can I still order the preferred print package if we are splitting the images with family members & friends?"

Of Course!  The Preferred Package is a special pick of images, discounted at an acceptional price.  In order to keep the price low, I can not ship to multiple addresses.  If you wish to divide the prints up and mail them yourself, or hand them out, you are certainly more than welcome to do so!  If you would rather not send them yourself, we can divide and mail them out for a fee of $10.00 per address. (this covers the cost of shipping plus any packaging and shipping supplies)

*Please note, if you elect to have us divide and mail your print package, we are not responsible for any damages that occur during shipment to multiple addresses.

"What is preferred package status?"

When ordering prints, if you reach a total of $175.00 or more, on any combination of photo prints (not print products), you automatically qualify for what we call "Preferred Package Status."

This simply means that because you've gone over $175.00, we apply a 25% off package discount.

Our Preferred Print Package is a collection of prints at a discounted price.  Please visit the Prices & Fees page to view our Preferred Print Package.

"What is the difference between Basic retouching and Extensive retouching?"

~Basic retouching is simple retouching, such as removing spots, changing the color or lighting effect and usually takes 15 minutes or less. Basically a simple polishing of the image. 

~Extensive retouching is a bit more complicated. Some examples are: changing the sky, adding or removing people, facial expressions or objects, any kind of artistic effects and anything else that will take more than a half hour to complete.

"When do your prices increase and why?"

~Prices will increase between April  & June of each year. 

~The reason for the price increase is to ensure you get the best service and quality possible.  Due to the ever changing and demanding economy, we are forced to increase our prices so that we may keep our clients satisfied with the quality of products and service they deserve.  Not increasing our prices will certainly hinder us from providing the best service possible. 

"What is your cancelation policy for weddings?"

~If you should cancel within 90 days (three months) of your wedding date, you forfeit your deposit.  Any monies paid in addition to your deposit will be refunded to you within 30 days of cancelation. Deposits may not be refunded immediately.

~Should you cancel less than 30 days prior to the wedding/event date, you forfeit all monies paid & it will roll over into a credit, good for 60 days after cancelation).


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